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If You Receive An Inappropriate Message Please Report It.

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09 July 2012 14:42
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For the record, we have no evidence that the male model on another site who has allegedly been contacting a female model to try to arrange sex sessions is actually an active member of Purestorm. Earlier today a male model member trying to source a female model for a hardcore boy/girl shoot for an anonymous photographer and who was also offering the services of himsef and a female model for hardcore shoots was removed from Purestorm but we do not believe these are the same male.
  • Offering or soliciting hardcore boy/girl is prohibited under Clause 16 of the Terms of Use.
  • Scouting through Model accounts on behalf of non-members is prohibited under Clause 5.2
If any Model receives an inappropriate offer through Purestorm they should Report the mail by clicking on the link provided on every Personal Message and a Moderator or Administrator will respond as a matter of urgency. But if members do not Report messages or if they take communication off-site or if they are contacted through one of the sites which allow hardcore boy/girl there is usually little Purestorm can do.

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