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The Art Of Boudoir

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09 July 2012 09:30
United Kingdom

Learn the skills to create stunning boudoir images at Farnham Studio in Crondall.

From choosing the right lingerie and posing to using natural and studio lighting to final choice of images to show your clients.

The workshop is done on a 1 to 1 basis and will last up to 5 hours.
An introduction Boudoir and it's clients
Choosing lingerie for the shoot
Create a comfortable environment
Planning and directing a shoot
Working with props, telling a story
Daylight and studio lighting / keep it dark and moody
Utilising your bedroom to full advantage
Get your camera in to manual mode for better control
Working with your customer and ensuring confidence in them
Reflectors and modifiers

Prices are £225 this includes the model studio and tuition.

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