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Skinnier legs?

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14 July 2012 09:18

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Not using them works a treat as I found when I broke one.
It only happens all the time.

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14 July 2012 14:42
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Quote from angelique110
Oh guys you've made me feel a world better! I was googling 'how to lose weight fast' from that image alone- it's very unflattering, yes. I'm probably gonna lose about 3 pounds just to define my legs/tummy a little more. But thanks for the advice/comment everyone, you've all been a world of help! Ange xxx

Not that you need it like others have said ... an unflattering image.

I am a gym nut to a hobbiest bodybuilding level

Please don't follow any advice to loose weight fast 

fad diets and quick weight loss is a sure weigh to make you gain as soon as the diet is over..

If you want to loose weight for any reason a healthy weight loss is slow and about 2 lbs per week.

the best way to loose fat is interval training but can be quite hi impact.

And this sounds funny but to loose fat you need to eat fat... but good fats. Like nut oil, flaxceed oil (poly unsaturated mono unsaturated fats) 

Lower your carbs and only eat complex carbs cut out sugar to a bare minimum and if you lack the sugary feeling glucose is better.

lean meats/tuna and egg is great .. I eat lots of chicken and try to cook it the healthiest way possible.

hope this helps but as I say this is just to say that fad don't are not great and I don't think you have anything to worry about
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