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Is it worth me organising a group shoot in Leicester

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01 July 2012 13:40
United Kingdom

yep, id be interested too

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05 July 2012 13:56
United Kingdom

Hi everyone.
As there has been a good response to this event I have spoken to the Hotel and the date I have been given is Monday 13th August (previous dates have been booked by other events).
I will be at the Hotel just before 3pm and everyone else can turn up any time from 3pm with no end time limit so if you can't get there until after work etc you will still have plenty of time for shooting in various stages of daylight and indoors.

We have exclusive use of a large meeting room and a bedroom with a balcony. Due to the prescence of guests within the hotel, nudity will be restricted to within these two rooms.
Other than these we have use of general areas including the ornate staircase with stained glass windows, the bar and the restaurant but there may be a couple of hotel guests within these areas such as at meal time, also we can use any outdoor areas.
You can see some photos of the hotel on their website and I will put some further ones more related to our use on my facebook (Rod Fitzpatrick) so that you have a chance to prepare any ideas ahead if you like.

Mains power will be available.

To reiterate, the cost to everybody, Photographers, Models and Make up Artists will be £10 each irrespective with ALL money going direct to Loros Cancer Hospice as the hotel are making NO charges for our use of their facilities

I will now apply to the moderators to place this as a group shoot/charity shoot or whatever it has to be posted as and look forward to meeting you all at the event.

If this event proves sucessful then I will begin to arrange regular events at various locations and while choosing some myself will also welcome any requests/ideas from other members.


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