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Femdom Dungeon Shoot

Brian Moreau is off-line
12 June 2012 14:23
United Kingdom

Isabel is a tall blond dominant who likes uniforms and leather.

She will do incredibly sexy dominant poses in various outfits including a wrestler’s outfit, leather, PVC and a Nazi uniform.

She is far from a real life Nazi- this is just another game for her. She does lots of Yoga, so she can stretch far and stand still.

The Dungeon is located in a central London (W1) location and is described as being quite poetic and atmospheric which can be enhanced with adjustable lighting.

The dungeon is in itself a complete apartment consisting of bathroom, bedroom and equipment area. It contains all the equipment you would expect to find in a dungeon including benches, sling, rack and throne.

Opportunity will exist to photograph Isabel in the various areas.

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