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Chaperones ( Yes, it's that time again!)

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27 June 2012 03:05

The one chaperone experience I had was a partner who spent the entire shoot telling me and the model that she was nervous (which made her more nervous) and telling me my floor, while nice, wasn't top of the line.

I mean, wtf?
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27 June 2012 07:21

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Quote from Alister

As you keep referring to what professionals do, as in a professional on a proper shoot rather than selling crappy 'modelling portfolios' to those that don't know any better, how many professionals would allow the models boyfriend to hang around on set during a shoot? Or maybe in another room stealing things (and it has been known)? Can't think many would and would pack the model straight back to the agency. Under 18s are a different matter but they're not on this site.

one, i didn't say crappy, i never even inferred that, most of the profiles i've looked at the photograpy is top notch, and two, OHMYGOD, THAT'S MY POINT!! a professional model on a proper shoot would have no need to bring a chaperone with her because there will be other people-mua's stylists, assistants etc, present! the reason models bring chaperones in the first place is because they feel, rightly or wrongly, that they will be safer with a guy they just met from the internet. AND, you'd be surprised how many models on proper shoots bring their friends to hang out with in between sets, because, with a lot of 'celebrity' models,(daisy lowe and the type), they're booked for shoots with multiple photographers for different publications. and that too is a fact.

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