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Planet earth live...pah !

Graham is off-lineSilver Member
27 May 2012 04:13
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

This was where the real action was this morning.....
Came across this little chap in a bit of a pickle...couldnt go forward, but couldnt go back either, not in a good situation....
There was no way I could release him on my own, needed two people either side of the fence to manipulate the legs to release him back through the fence, this was 7am so wasn't expecting anyone coming past at any time, and then luckily a jogger came past and together as with a loss of dignity for the little chap we extracted him back through the fence and free.
By the speed he shot into the woods I guess he was ok, skinned a few areas and was a bit bloodied where the wire had chaifed, but the little blighter will be ok in a few days.
Will put that down as my good samaritan act of the day and for the dear....A successful end to a tricky situation....



'You hold onto your tongue, and I will hold onto my patience...'

27 May 2012 04:15

Well done you! :-)

27 May 2012 10:03

Well done Graham
I don't bother watching Planet Earth live, I've boycotted it until they get rid of Richard Hammond. Why is that I hear you ask? Well, after trying a day out with a hunts group he's decided to join his local hunting bully boys club . Why get someone (Richard Hammond) that's happy to chase down and kill a fox, dear etc to present a wildlife show?......unless after its over he gets to chase some lions down in one of those 4x4 in the background.

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