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15 May 2012 04:39

Quote from RobM
I echo the suggestion that you look at Joel's portfolio and I am glad to say I have shot with a couple of times for his portfolio. Personally, I wouldn't consider you for any paid work without seeing samples of that style / level. If you don't want to obtain those samples via TF shoots, then your option is to pay for the shoot yourself. Something to think about Gain experience and possibly some great images or to pay out to a good photographer who can pretty much give you what you want

He is rather fetching ;-)
I like the fact that even men admit that :P

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16 May 2012 10:07

United Kingdom

"never to do" incest and folk dancing apparently.
Everything else is your own choice.
It only happens all the time.

16 May 2012 14:02
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no matter what style of modelling you are in, in my opinion, you will struggle to get paid (genuine) work in that type of modelling without a proven track record that you are good at it. This is more so in Art Nude in my opinion

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19 May 2012 15:13

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My advice...
1) If you are 99% or less sure about modelling for non-work safe images then I'd recommend a test shoot with a photographer who will agree not to use the photographs if you don't like them.
2) If you are 100% sure then I'd recomment TFCD to help you develop skills and a portfolio which will help you attract higher pay. Long term it may be better to do TFCD with a good photographer than be paid by a less skilled photographer.

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02 June 2012 11:08
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Quote from grahamsphotography

If you find photographers who's work you like TF is payment x3 you get both time, skill, plus images; If you like his/her vision too, you get payment x4.

It's like any industry, if you enjoy it and work hard you reap the benefits.  In the commercial world (where I mostly inhabit) if people ask me to do work for FREE, I think hard about it first then make sure that I could find something in return that they could do for me that would equal the cost, time and effort I would be giving them.  Sometimes I write that into a contract, I will give you X amount of time, X amount of work and X amount of images for which you will give me.......X amount of...

This way the person you work with understands the value even though money hasn't changed hands.  You must have an understanding of the value of what you do. 
I’m a Pro commercial portrait photographer from the East Coast of Durham; I'm seriously crazy about photography, have been for a thousand years! I joined here to experience the dark side *smile*

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