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05 May 2012 16:36
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Would it be possible to devise a set of templates to use when sending messages? It could be in the form of a dropdown menu on the send screen. I was thinking this may cut out a lot of email pingpong and ensure people had all relevant information as soon as possible.

For example, (italics represent free text spaces where the template is filled in)

Arranging a shoot template

Payment: TFCD

Location: Jenny Wrens Studio

Style or levels: Fashion up to Lingerie

Duration: 4 hours

Date: To be confirmed

Reference template

Name of photographer/model:

Would you reccomend?: Yes/No

If No, reason why:

Space for further questions

Any other comments:


So on and so forth.

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05 May 2012 18:22

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In principle a good idea.
In practice, a potential nightmare as a minority would spam other members incessantly.

Tempus Fugit is off-lineSilver Member
05 May 2012 18:42
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Why not just create them on word etc then Copy and Paste?
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06 May 2012 03:19
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Jenny -- I see where you're coming from, but I think it would look a little impersonal - a bit too much like filling out an application form - rather than expressing an interest in working with a particular person. 
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06 May 2012 03:49
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Bottom right on the front page there is a list of articles such as "Top tips for modeling". Perhaps there could be one on "Message Templates" which contain a checklist of what to ask for when arranging a shoot, getting references etc.
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