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29 April 2012 07:16

Nicely done! Great read and amazing images to go with it, congratulations!

29 April 2012 13:17
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Hi Tim
Having just looked at your page , The quality and content of images are far superior to the get sway of images seen regularly on this site . They all seem to be a master class in using a camera , asking a model to pose in perfect locations .
I am totally blown away .

Thanks for posting your images.

Kind Regards


Tim Pile is off-line
29 April 2012 13:37
United Kingdom

Thanks everyone, I hope it gave you something to look at on a rainy Sunday - well it's been chucking it down here

Paul, thanks for your kind words. I find that choice of location (and props in a studio) can make the world of difference to an image. The human body can only pose in a limited number of positions, so if you analyse many of my images they are just the same pose as many others, but I have put the model in an interesting location, or given her something interesting to wave about.smiley

So I spend far more time and effort trying to find a good location than a good model - there are loads of good models on here
I also collaborate with other photographers as I find that helps with creativity - Robs_1 and I have shot together on a number of occasions, it also brings down costs as well as helping improve my photography.

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