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just thought I should share this - oily skin

25 April 2012 20:55

I've always had really oily skin, although as they say this is the 'healthiest' skin type there is but it can be quite annoying when you apply make up etc.

I've been using the 3-step kit from clinique for about 2 months now and it's absolutely amazing ! No blemishes, Make up stays on through out the day (with a bit of help with a primer from illamasqua) and my skin feels nice and fresh all the time after my routines.

I also use St. Ives appricot scrub and clinique's facial wash gel every other day.

I've got amazing skin now and always getting compliments from photographers, MUAs, just random people etc.

Thought I should share this since I know how annoying it is having oily skin and not knowing how to take care of it

26 April 2012 04:08

Ooo shall try st. Ives scrub then

my skin is oily too it's soo annoying grr

Been drinking lots more water and green tea this has been helping.

Glad your skin is LUSH
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