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25 April 2012 18:23

is there a way of deleting 'a new topic/thread' ?

Moderator Comment: Threads or posts cannot be self-deleted after someone else has posted in the string.

25 April 2012 18:45

You can delete a thread you started right up to the point where someone posts after you.

After that your only hope is to mail each contributor in reverse order of posting asking them to delete their post until only you are left, then you can delete it.

Admin are unlikely to delete or hide a thread except in extreme circumstances.

Always think twice before posting!

Gerry is off-line
25 April 2012 22:28
United Kingdom

The two best ways if too many have commented to ask them to delete their posts are:

1) Ask the moderators to lock it because the original question has been answered and the thread has now veered off into another subject
2) Do not post anymore against that thread - it will eventually run out of steam as the threads usually rely on the OP being present

In both cases, the thread will still exist but it will go far further down the list and is unlikely to ever be commented on after a week of inactivity unless you bite, in which case it will run and run LOL

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