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c.v/show reel help!!

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24 April 2012 12:46

I am now applying for promotional agencies and alot of them ask for c.vs or show reels.
Is a modeling c.v set out the same way as a normal c.v but with your experience and past jobs?
and whats the difference with a show reel?
i may sound stupid here but youll never know unless you ask right!! so please help me

thanks guys
sophie star xx

24 April 2012 13:11

Hi Sophie,

Out of interest I googled 'CV.,show reel' and just as it sounds it is a short video clip of you, lets people see you in action !!

Good luck with it,

24 April 2012 14:28

Best suggestion for a showreel, find somebody who really knows how to create one rather someone who thinks they can.
Many people think that they can shoot and edit video, but I have seen so many badly produced video's as showreels and corporate video at conferences that I despair.

It won't be cheap to have a properly produced showreel, but if done well, you will benefit from it.
Remember: If you can't have fun doing it, then it ain't worth doing

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24 April 2012 15:53
United Kingdom

I work for a lot of promotional agency's and have never been asked to provide a showreel for promotional work , I only use it for dancing and acting . Showreels are generally used for performance work and its clips from previous shows etc xx

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