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Gavin Bell is off-lineGold Member
20 April 2012 11:08

United Kingdom
North Yorkshire

Would it be possible to add implied nude on the work types? Lots of girls are adding nude to their profile pages but don't actually work to that level.

gerryquiff is off-lineSilver Member
20 April 2012 12:37
United Kingdom
Bonnie Scotland

Models normally tick higher levels, but fail to explain that they'll only work to these levels with certain photographers.

Which I have no problem with.
CAT WANTED. Must be large enough to make Davy Crockett hat. (6 7/8) Prefer ginger

20 April 2012 16:25

Implied nude was removed from the list of levels some time ago due to the confusion it was causing. Nude is nude and topless is topless - simples [most of the time]. Implied nude has no commonly accepted definition and is open to wide interpretation. I'd be surprised if PS management consider adding it back for even a nanosecond.

WebModerator is a moderator
20 April 2012 16:42
United Kingdom
West Sussex

The contradictory and misleading term Implied Nude was indeed removed a few years ago
as it was found impossible to achieve concensus as to what the term actually means.
There is little chance of it being reintroduced.

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