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Mitch Hirsty is off-line
23 March 2012 10:54
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

What Does this mean? I put up 2 casting calls for a fantastic shoot (one for models and one for photographers) and now the one for models Say's "This casting call is currently inactive" 3 models had replied before this happened and now no-one can see the casting. I need models for this flipping shoot. Where am I going wrong? I sent a message to Matt asking what the deal was but I am yet to receive a reply. At the risk of sounding completely stupid, Can anyone help please??
Mitch Hirsty.
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WebModerator is a moderator
23 March 2012 11:06
United Kingdom
West Sussex

This means you* may have switched off the Casting Call - which members can do through the Edit function.

Please also note that the fastest way to get a response is to use the 
Contact us link
rather than messaging an individual Moderator as we all (including Matt)  have jobs and families

* Occasionally a Moderator may also switch off a Casting Call if a member is hogging the list or breaking a Guideline.

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