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16 April 2012 12:11

This one will deffo run to at least 5 pages. Mark my words!

To anyone who doubts that.......well, we are on page 3 already (and we are still debating the 35mm or 50mm threads and the right spanners for it).

You know what's there. Waiting. Beyond that beach. Immortality! Take it! It's yours!

16 April 2012 12:43

Quote from misty_model
Right, I'm an X-Pole rep, as in I sell on X-Poles to my students as an instructor, this is a 50mm top loading X-Pole with both Static and Spinning Options, the equivalent of the new Xpole Xpert but top loading and with screw joints instead of bottom loading and with X-Joints. The confusion comes as the new 'Sport' pole is just static, whereas the old style poles with both options were referred to as 'Sport' poles.

Seriously, if I wasn't 300 miles away, I'd snap your hand off to come and take it down for you and have it for that price, it's a piece of N_A_Photography is a naughty person to do, and I've got all the tools, but you're going to struggle with what you're asking and the location. It takes about 5-10 minutes to take down if you fork out the 3 quid for the spanner online, and there will be instructional DVD's on youtube if you're unsure of how to get it down. You'll get about £100 for this on ebay so I think if you insist on 'standing firm' you're really going to struggle.

Thanks for clarifing this

I did try comment after he mentioned the 3 quid spanner and will be getting it I know how to take it down as I've down it couple of times I think fleabay it may go

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