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Dave Jackson is off-lineGold Member
17 March 2012 05:30
United Kingdom

i posted a second feedback about a model and the first one disappeared, is that normal?

Suzy Monty is off-line
17 March 2012 05:34
United Kingdom
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Yes indeed that is normal.

You should copy and paste your previous review first...then write the new one in and then paste the old one underneath...

Also, no matter how many times one works with a model and leaves good review after good review (hopefully!) only ever counts as ONE review...

Hope that helps.

Will be in your neck of the woods from next Friday...week of shoots, including another photographer from Wareham...

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17 March 2012 05:56

Quote from dave_jackson
i posted a second feedback about a model and the first one disappeared, is that normal?

Yeah, it happened to me - I worked with a MUA twice and when she posted her second comment on my profile, the first vanished.

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ForumModerator is a moderatorPlatinum Member
17 March 2012 06:01

United Kingdom
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