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15 March 2012 14:16

Hi have a small success storey, it may not be much, but it is to me as its my first.
I photographed a model in her home and have since photographed her in a studio, well without me knowing she offered one of the pictures to put up in "Sexy Babe of the Weel" and they put it on the website. When I was told, I felt so chuffed and happy that I had actually had a picture wherre lots of people could view it.  The model is Penny and she istanding on her bed against the wall without a stich on and my logo in the bottom left corner (Anchor with underneath.
I hope this won't be the last picture I have published but it is my first, so thought I would tell people about it.

Each photograph I take gives me the thrill of acheiving something great, (not there yet, but i'm working on.

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