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Water workshop - 14th April - Marple

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13 March 2012 15:01
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I'm running a further water workshop. 

Ever since I posted my water images people have asked about attending a workshop to learn how to create similar images.  I no longer have access to the location where the original images were shot, and frankly it was very cold, dirty and inaccessible.  As a replacement I’ve now built a set that can be used in a (very large) studio to create a similar look and this workshop is your chance to use it while learning more about lighting.

The workshop will start by us discussing how to create the set, we’ll then explore key, fill and rim lighting and we’ll work through what techniques we should use to capture the water effectively and use lights and modifiers that are appropriate for the type of images we want to create.

After demonstrating how I build up the lighting to capture the final image you’ll have an opportunity to capture your own images of Emma our model for the day.

The workshop will last for 3 hours, costs £95 and takes place at Infocus Studios in Marple.  Please use the paypal link below to reserve your place or contact me with any questions.

Please drop me a line if you've any questions, alternatively you can book by following this link

Thanks for the interest in this workshop. A few places are still available

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