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It is unacceptable ...

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11 March 2012 10:12
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It really should not have to be said ..... but someone has to say it girls.

It is unacceptable to book a shoot and not turn up and then complain about a No-Show Report.
It is unacceptable to lie to Administrators when the evidence is clear that a shoot was arranged.
It is unacceptable to call the Photographer a liar, or badmouth him, when you are the one at fault.

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13 March 2012 04:50

United Kingdom
West Sussex

Many who were online yesterday will have spotted another issue concerning malicious contra-feedback
left undeservedly on the accounts of photographers by a model who let them down some time ago).
Yesterday this model also racked up her THIRD Late Cancellation out of just five feedback comments.
While her account was under Suspension for Admin Investigation she today created a second profile.
That type of behaviour  is not acceptable on this site and will not be tolerated.

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