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don't lock threads that are relatively harmless

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11 March 2012 07:06

It's very autocratic to lock down a thread because it covers old ground. What's the jusification, other than it bores moderators? Secondary question: where is the benefit to either the members or the site owners in doing this? These are forums. If people want to ramble on about nothing in particular, or repeat themseves ad infinitum, why do moderators feel the need to make a judgement call on that?

11 March 2012 07:10

You may be right.


(deep breath, prepare for old saying)

Their site, their rules.

Modesty is just arrogance in stealth mode

Neil Anderson is off-line
11 March 2012 07:11
United Kingdom
West London

It also explained why they had locked it. Seemed fair enough to me.
Like any dealer he was watching for the card that is so high and wild he'll never need to deal another...

ForumModerator is a moderatorPlatinum Member
11 March 2012 07:33

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Quote from WebModerator
Thread Locked as it was going down the same route as similar ones on this topic.

Note: It is unacceptable to pick on young models taking their first hesitant steps in our community
merely because they decide they do not wish to shoot on their own.

The reason why the thread was Locked was clearly explained at the time.
This topic is being Locked as the Suggestion has been duly noted.
It is unacceptable to pick on young models and also unacceptable to post private messages in forums.

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