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How many members on PS?

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02 March 2012 07:50
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Quote from Plymjack
the number of models with 5+ feedback logged in since Jan 1st is about 1850 and number of togs with 1+ feedback is around 4500.

Site statistics and demographics are very complex and could no doubt produce a Ph.D all on their own for a mathematics graduate specialising in this area.

The first quarter of the year is quite a quiet time for us so in January and February we only averaged 60-65 new registrations each day, slightly up on 2011, whereas in the summer months we can often double that. As we have not had an Open Door policy on Purestorm for several years only about one in three Registrants makes it past Approvals, and often it takes many of them some time to get their application in order, so probably only in the region of 1200-1500 new members (no, we're not going through the boring job of manually counting them all so don't ask) have been accepted into our community in the last two months. Few of the newcomers will have built up many Recommendations yet, so they will not be included in Plymjack's rule-of-thumb figure.

To balance out the new influx, about 600 members, predominantly Models, have requested  Deactivation over the last two months. Models, being in the main relatively young, tend to have a comparatively short initial site presence as they are usually in a phase of their life where circumstances can alter dramatically  (e.g. babies / partners / studies etc.) and it is not unusual for them to be very active for a short period before drifting away, only to come back in a year or two for a second or even third incarnation. It is not unusual for us to receive Reactivation requests from Models after two or three years, and invariably on the odd occasions when we have switched switch off a batch of seemingly dormant Model accounts (usually after a Photographer with a bee in his bonnet, fortunately no longer with us, had gone through the accounts of girls in his region and Reported them as Inactive) we received howls of anguish from Models who were seemingly just Resting, to use the stage and screen term. Photographers, being mainly older and with more stable home and work lives, tend to stay with the site considerably longer or near permanently. Unlike many Models, who only log in to the many portfolio sites they are on to check their mail or to apply for Casting Calls that have caught their eye, Photographers seem to log in more frequently and stay online longer. This is not only Moderator perception but appears to be echoed by the external statistics generated by the leading provider of global web metrics.

So, in short, Moderators don't know how many active members we actually have and even if we could work out a figure it would quite variable and not all that accurate.

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