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Basic studio training for beginners

26 February 2012 06:20

An introduction to using a studio, for beginners in photography and those only practised at working on location.

The one to one course covers the following:

* Camera setup with remote trigger units
* Aperture, shutter synch speeds and ISO settings.
* Using a flash meter to get a good baseline setup.
* Setting up and adjusting the lights, and the comparison of making changes to the light output versus changing the settings on the camera.
* The effects of different light modifiers (brollies, soft boxes, diffusers, barn doors, and snoots).
* Using light reflectors to enhance the lighting.
* How light to subject distance affects the light quality.
* The effects of different coloured backdrops.
* Some classic lighting set-ups.
* Composition techniques with our model.


The cost of this one to one course is £150 for 3 hours which will include the cost of the model, 2 hours of training and an hour afterwards to test out your new learned skills!
Included is as much tea and/or coffee as you wish, and plenty of biscuits.

All the information will be available to take away in our course hand outs.


The course is very much angled towards allowing you as much time as possible to engage in practical learning rather than theoretical with the model using the information from the course. All the information will be available to take away in our course hand outs.

As this is a ‘one to one’ course, if there is anything we have left out that may also be of interest then let us know, and we will do our best to include that as well.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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