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Cancelled booking due to Stretch Marks???

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13 April 2012 15:09
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Quote from kandikay2011
I only need to lose a bit of weight off my thighs and tone my belly up a bit.


13 April 2012 16:13

Quote from kandikay2011
Okay, so I never normally write in these forums.. But this really did grind my gears. So I had this photographer contact me for a shoot. We went through 'my ideas' and what style , look and levels we were going to do and acheive. Anyway, we had planned it all down to a tee. Oh and the fact it was in a nice little travelodge hotel too! Times etc and arrangedf it for when I finish my Tv work in London. And everything was booked. The next day, I open a message and its the photographer. It said, ; I am sorry but I'm gonna have to cancel as I've only just read your profile notes re: stretchmarks. Now that's fair enough that he doesn't want to shoot because of that. I've never had a problem with it and neither have any previous photographers I have worked with. I've taken it on the chin and just dismissed it. Okay, so am I making a fuss out of nothing? I am I right to take offence? Come on guys let me know your views Kaylaa xx

To book and THEN cancel seems very mean.

My husband has had models riddled with stretch marks.  Although it takes time one can 'remove' them in the editing.

If  the chap who booked you didn't want that extra work he shouldn't have booked you in the first place.  That's what wrong.  Surely he should have read your notes properly in the first place!  Saved everyone trouble and upset.
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13 April 2012 17:08
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I think spots are worse than stretchmarks,models still get work,anything can be edited. The truth is that 70% of women have cellulite or stretchmarks,it's just normal. Don't let anyone to let you down,you look great and at least you dont lie about your body. If someone doesn't want you,its his problem. You will still get plenty of work.

13 April 2012 18:48

Quote from tarmoo
However, if the stretch marks are caused by rapidly putting on weight due to overheating these are avoidable.

Pregnancy and puberty excluded, everyone i know who has stretch marks got them from rapid weight loss, not gain. I dont understand it myself :/

13 April 2012 18:53

Quote from River
Geeeeez...I think some people have lost contact with what a real woman looks like!

If photography forums are anything to go by i would probably agree. Possibly down to too much time spent on the internet whining about imperfect women and not enough time spent actually shooting people in the flesh.

Sometimes i dont understand why those people dont just shoot a blow up doll and be done with it.

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