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Vogue it's not…but

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23 February 2012 14:18
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Quote from Socialdisaster
Only chavs dress dogs up?

Wow, my 85 year old grandmothers a chav! Can i get, like, a burberry zimmer frame for her?

but also:

Well done! I have to ask - is it me or do those two pugs have only one eye each?

Hahaha... Exactly!!! It's just madness to think dogs - our fellow warm blooded mammals - feel the cold isn't it?! What an utter idiot..

The puggies do indeed both only have one eye... They're missing the same one... You couldn't make that up could you?!

They're both rescue pugs... Stanley (fawn), lost his eye at his previous home through a nasty dog attack, and Pugwash (black) lost his eye at 12wks as it unfortunately ulcerated and could not be saved. They're both a pretty good advert for stopping over breeding! Having said that they both have fantastic lines of pedigree - if you buy into all that. Anywho, they both certainly get all the ladies! My partner loves taking them out together haha

Our logo on the link Paul has supplied is drawn by an illustrator called Gemma Correll (she has wares in Topshop and Paperchase to name a couple), and that features them as our lil one eyed mascots!
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