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19 February 2012 04:29

Quote from Jo_Louise
Hey hun, i have a few different foundations i use for different occasions (i use a heavier one for shoots so it doesn't melt off and stays put under the heat of the lights etc and lighter or just a tinted moisturiser for just daytime wear or if if im going out etc)

The ones i can definitely reccommend are MAC studio fix foundation... i use it in NC15 shade which is ivory almost, and the lightest shade, it goes on really nicely and doesnt look or feel cakey or dry..

Soap & Glory in Boots have started doing make-up and i tried one of their foundations..its called ' Show Good Face'  and it's awesome, it's a 2 in 1 foundation and primer,  it goes on really smoothly and feels really light, it gives a dewy bright flawless finish and has  SPF15 in it too, its one of the best foundations ive used alongside MAC in a while and definitely would reccommend goes on really smooth and gives a natural finish and is moisturising so feels nice on your skin too..

and another fave i would 100% reccommend is Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturising foundation which i see you already are going to try it's a bit more expenesive than MAC, think its £30 a bottle, but well worth it , i fell in love with this one, was well worth the money and lasts for ages, a little goes a long way ... Bobbi Brown i think is probably my fave  

hope this helps a bit x

Thanks Jo,i got the Bobbi Brown and it feels amazing on my skin but this could be because ive changed my moisturiser aswell.  But i am definatley going to try Soap and Glory as i use most there products.

19 February 2012 04:34

Quote from Hazel_Ashton
I use Clarins skin illusion foundation in "Sand" its not cheap its about £25 a bottle but it looks natural and lasts a good 6 month with almost everyday usage, you only need a bit and it spreads matches but summer skintone (I tan) and also winter skintone. I was like you I got fed up of wasting money on foundation! I tried so many and the problem with me was my skin undertone colour its golden and most foundations had a pink undertone and it didn't look right! Thinking about that I need some more next week when I've been paid :-)

Yes Clarins seems nice what i have used so far,I have changed all my skin care products  to Clarins, loving there Beauty Flash balm frownand while i was there i got lots of Free samples and tried Clarins extra firming foundation in Amber which felt good on my skin colour was ok.

20 February 2012 15:41

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13 March 2012 09:07
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