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Semi permanant make up ...

03 February 2012 17:40

Has any one had it done before ?

im off to have it done tomorrow ... getting bit scared now .. iv had tatoos before but got to say ..never on my face lol ..

not the best with needles either ..

03 February 2012 18:08

Don't go to some dodgy beauticians...I found out a lot of them aren't even trained! Please be super super careful <3

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04 February 2012 06:38

United Kingdom

how did it go? please let us know !

05 February 2012 16:51

it went reeeeally well , im very impressed they look great , they are not 100 % finished cos they swell up a bit you have to have them retouched after 4 weeks ..but im really happy with the first session ... my mum and everyone was panicing thinking they were going to look fake as .... but they use like a hairstroke techniques so they look 10 times more natural then what id pencil on before .. and perfectly symetrical which is hard to do on a daily basis with the pencil ...

definatly recommend it as im pretty sure most girls now days maintain their eyebrows to a certain extent weather it be waxing, tinting etc .. i used to tint my own as i learnt it in college and that only lasts 2 weeks so im sooo happy that i dont have to worry about these now .. 3-5 years jobs a good un frown

got the fever now i want the lip liner ... laugh

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