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World pay help!!

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25 January 2012 06:52
United Kingdom
Blaenau Gwent
Ebbw Vale, Wales

I'm trying to upgrade to platinum mombership on here, however it says I need to cancel my subscription by logging onto world pay before I can upgrade. I've tried doing that and it just keeps coming up with an error. I even had my log in details sent to my email but it's still coming up with the error..
Any suggestions? Is the site down?

Your Worldpay query has been flagged for webmaster attention and he will be in touch in due course.
On security grounds Moderators do not get access to members' banking details.
Worldpay is a particularly difficult system to use, mostly we are told to help prevent online fraud,
but unfortunately it is the only high security recurring payment option currently available to us.
Since the enforced sale in 2010 following the banking crash it seems have become even more unwieldy.
Purestorm is in discussion with another online banking service and we hope to eventually be able to offer an alternative.

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