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Front page on Flickr (flickr explore) 2x in a week!

DoxPhotox is off-lineSilver Member
24 January 2012 18:37
United Kingdom

Flickr supposedly has 3000 pictures uploaded a minute.....roughly 11 million a day. The top 500 (non rude) get put on the explore page for a week......I have had two in a week....

one was a still life that I had to do for a competition with a time deadline and knocked out a quick picture which took minutes........

the other one which is really weird is me being the model! and was taken by DrFireball on this site

me! I hate being the wrong side of the camera so congrats to Simon (DrFireball) for his work in making a picture of me which I actually like.  I dont know whether I understand modelling that much more because of the experience but at least I could help with the light  but I am a blinker!

24 January 2012 21:54

Well done. I only get explore twice a year if I'm lucky. Nice image

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