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20 January 2012 20:16

Has anyone got any idea where I post for the Stuart House Events I hold and have held for the last few years,

For the last two years the mods have taken it down from:
Community Events and Group Shoots

and told me to post in:
Studio Model Days/Evenings

 the reason I'm given is
 "its asking for payment from the photographers and Community events and Group shoots are for non-profit"

I don't make anything from this and have offered to prove it,
all the money pays for the models and the hire of the location,
but because its asking for payment it seems to be classed as I'm making a profit.

Now the problem is Studio Model Days/Evenings has now been disabled as there is no post new topic button

so how do I post this and where ??????

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20 January 2012 20:39
United Kingdom

I think you might have to be a studio owner to be allowed to advertise these types of events, may I suggest facebook?


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20 January 2012 20:42

United Kingdom
West Sussex

This query will be answered tomorrow.
This post should answer the questions posed above:-
Events Facilitators
With regards to the event mentioned, as the Models would be Paid it would be commercial,
and as it is not being held in a member's studio it would be ineligible for our Studios section.

Updated : 21 January 2012 @ 21:15


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