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23 February 2012 06:47
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Quote from Faye
I've ridden since I was 6, briefly competed but I mainly liked riding by myself in the middle of nowhere.

Apologies for stealing this thread, but I have been wanting to do similar Lady Godiva shoots myself for a while.

Was let down on two seperate occasions by models last year.

I work with an equestrian photographer, who has offered use of his horse for us to use.

I love your look Faye, so if you are interested I would be thrilled to work with you on such a project on a TFCD project.

The horse is at Cumberworth (between Barnsley/Huddersfield) 
So which bit do I look through???

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23 February 2012 07:35
United Kingdom

Alongside my modelling I am an equine groom and for this reason am constantly riding, and am very confident in the saddle.
Leaving the equine industry for a while (not out of choice) thanks to a car accident damaging my wrists badly, however on the hunt for an ex racing TB, so will still having a horse to shoot with.

Living in Norfolk does mean lots of fantastic locations for shoots, although I do not shoot to art nude.

Always happy to do an equestrian shoot though!

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