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Shifting Thighs/Bum weight

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11 January 2012 07:03

I don't see anything wrong with either look good to me.
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11 January 2012 08:30

Quote from harry_model
it is impossible to reduce fat from specific areas of your body. just try not to build muscle on your thighs and bum through exercise if the size concerns you, as you will actually bulk more (so focus on fat reducing exercise instead of muscle building) but you are a great shape and size so i wouldnt even be worrying about it if i were you.

More than just Kibbles and Bits

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11 January 2012 08:35
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thanks everyone for your help, and those of you who were so sweet and said such nice things! Although the fact I dont look like i need to is more to do with the ace photographers Ive worked with and the fact theres no pictures of my full on butt than anything else! xx
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