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05 January 2012 17:38

You might want to find inspiration from models like these:
Mosh - - more at - she's very flexible and you appear to be quite flexible, so she might be a good inspiration for you
Meluxine - - more at
Vanessa Lake - - more at - she has a very glamour look/posing style but gets pigeonholed into "alt" because of her sleeve
Scar - - I don't think she has a dA?
Ryo Love - - more at
Ulorin Vex - - more at

dA accounts are interesting because you can see more than one image from a set, read about the model's adventures in their journal (Mosh in particular has a very useful FAQ) and go through their favourites to find more. You can also look through lists on MM.

Photographers it might be worth checking out are Mastertouch and Pelicanh on dA. There are plenty of others but my brain hurts a bit at the moment so I won't look them up. :P

Fetish wardrobe (expensive!) and interesting styling are often hallmarks of alt photography, but both take quite a while to learn/acquire. Generally look around and see what you find.

This is a cool website too: ...which has lots of great alt models on it.
Skin Two magazine is a British magazine which I hear good things about as well, though I don't know very much about it personally.
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22 February 2012 15:15

Bizarre and skin two are good places to start Alt clothing particularly latex and proper corsets are quite expensive allthough there are many small companies on ebay that make good quality stuff for cheap.

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