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Chubby Knees!

14 December 2011 08:12

It really could be worse imagine if you had a big nose!!!!!! chubby knees are not the end of the world. I also have nothing against big noses.
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14 December 2011 09:47

Thigh muscle exercises will tighten the knees above the knee cap, as it is all interconnected.
Having had physiotherapy for my knee in my younger years I know a bit about this, and it works.
EG cross trainer, rowing machine or leg lifts that use the big muscle on your thigh , you should be able to feel the tension to get benefit from it.

Having looked at your photos, don't think you have anything to worry about but if are conscious of it, this may help.

And somethings you just have to accept, knees are hardly worth worrying about !!!!

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14 December 2011 10:04
United Kingdom
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Quote from Iconic
or swolen - could be retaining water in your knees - best to ask a doctor ?

Tell you one thing River, it sure isn't water on the knee...I had that when 22...was walking through a shopping mall and a shop frontage fell on top of me...remember praying that I hadn't broken my neck...the people there moved me, and shouldn't have, before the ambulance arrived. Thankfully ALL I received was a very painful, swollen, few weeks of water on the knee...

None of your lovely pictures reflect the fact you think you have chubby knees...You are a super  natural looking gorgeous model.devil
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