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For Sale . Pink Hoodie with LONDON England

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05 December 2011 12:00
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Brand New , Unworn , (paid for) bright Pink hoodie with the words LONDON , ENGLAND and a UNION JACK on front. Ladies size small, though seems a bit bigger.

Hood and two front pockets.

Paypal payment please. Cost £20 accept £16 and postage extra.

Impulse Purchase.

Photo can be supplied.

Thanks Paul   

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05 December 2011 12:45
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

That's osme impulse right there, I'd have gone for the blue one myself....

05 December 2011 12:54
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Well it would not fit me anyway. Besides I'm very happy with own choices.
What you do is up to You, Paypal account please.

Have you not got a female that would enjoy this. Pink is the colour !

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