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Fundamentals of studio portrait lighting - 14th Jan - West Lothian

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This course con­sists of four classes, each of 1.5 – 2 hours. It's a group class with 4 – 6 participants.
The first class is a tutorial ses­sion cov­er­ing the core prin­ciples of stu­dio pho­to­graphy. The remain­ing three classes are tutored shoot­ing prac­tising the vari­ous top­ics and tech­niques with an exper­i­enced model.
We’ll cover all the usual stuff like loop, but­ter­fly and Rem­brandt light­ing, high key and low key, etc. using exper­i­enced mod­els (both male and female).
No stu­dio exper­i­ence is necessary, but you will need a SLR cam­era and prefer­ably a lens with a focal length greater than 80mm.
The course won’t make you a mas­ter of light­ing (that takes time and prac­tice), but it will teach you that it is all rel­at­ively simple and give you the con­fid­ence to prac­tice and grow your own experience.
One-to-one tuition is also available.
Course price: £115 (for each par­ti­cipant & pay­able in advance). Price includes 20% VAT.
Next course start date: 14th Janu­ary 2012 (with sub­sequent classes 28th Janu­ary, 11th and 25th Feb­ru­ary). Classes start at 2pm.

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Some images from the previous course are on display on the blog - Mhairi, Kate and Jake.


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