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06 November 2011 03:13

New Model who joined Purestorm in October of this year.  after we had arranged a shoot. another photograher left one of those nasty. worked with as might be recommend type feedbacks, from a shoot she did in 2010, which by the way was her first ever shoot. I would have said do not bother about it just bury it. But I have been contacted by a couple of other photographers asking about it. 

I admit  I do not know the ins and outs. But I do know the shoot was not arranged via Purestorm. .

Can she get it removed.

Ps, only helping her out as she is a total newbie.

06 November 2011 03:26

I think I know who you mean since I contacted said photographer and he never replied.

I was told that I wasn't allowed to leave feedback for a pervy photographer since we didn't organise the shoot through purestorm, so I would (like to) assume the rules are the same for everyone. Possibly get her to contact the mods herself and explain?
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06 November 2011 03:32

Thanks Lynn. I think in this case the problem is with the photographer and not the model.

Thanks Mods for the response*, I have contacted her and adviced her to contact you directly,

[ * Thread Locked as question answered ]

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