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01 November 2011 10:15

I've recently had a flurry of non members applying for castings I've placed on Purestorm using the contact page on my website. The one today was from a guy who admitted he monitored Purestorm's castings to get work for his girlfriend, a non member.

Would it be possible to have a flag so those placing castings can choose whether or not they're visible to non members?


01 November 2011 10:45

I've had this too, quite a few times. The only way to hide your castings is to mark them as adult, but then you risk models who only search the non-adult castings not seeing it.
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06 November 2011 13:51
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What's wrong with non-members contacting you? I've contacted a few models via their websites for paid work (Payment to them) after seeing castings elsewhere. Admittedly, non of them have come to fruition because the models were dragging out the details e-mail by e-mail to the point that I gave up. But surely the extra stream of talent being put forward to you should be a bonus?

And, mis-posting castings as adult can pee a few people off. If it isn't genital explicit (ie. Adult) then it shouldn't be posted as such.

Specialising in last minute bookings as I'm free most days after 11:00 am. If you have an indoor location, please send me a PM with your fee & location...

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06 November 2011 13:55
United Kingdom

I know as a model I would prefer all contact to be made via purestorm for shoot enquiries.
1- I can check their images and references out.
2- If they ask for anything against the rules then there is proof in my inbox for the moderators to read the communication.

If I wanted to work with complete randoms with no references or images online then I would start posting my castings on gumtree.

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