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Boudoir Workshop - 'Who's That Girl' - 20th Nov. Bexley, London

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20 October 2011 03:29
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United Kingdom

Our gorgeous model for the day is 'Who's That Girl' check out her profile here


Boudoir has become one of the most popular styles in the last few years with women of all ages purchasing prints and albums both for themselves and as gifts to their loved ones. During this one day workshop you will learn how to use some classic poses that work with different body shapes. How to direct your subject and create the right mood, using cloth to cover up unwanted “bits” and the use of props to help with poses.

We will have three separate lighting setups that include low key and high key and both natural and studio lights.

Students are encouraged to submit work for critique after the workshop.

Refreshments are provided including a light lunch, please advise us in advance of any special dietary requirements.


Digital SLR of any make, please advise if you are a Sony Alpha user.
At least one lens that covers 35mm to 150mm on a full frame sensor, but bring your kit bag
Memory Card
Pen and Notepad

Course runs from 10am - 5pm
Maximum 6 delegates
Cost £125
To book contact us directly or use this link

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14 November 2011 10:04
United Kingdom
London and Lincoln

We still have a few places on this workshop, just a reminder of what Cassie looks like in a boudoir setting:

Photography training | workshops | one 2 one

Cassie Jade is off-lineSilver Member
15 November 2011 15:29
United Kingdom
North Yorkshire

I believe there are a few places still available for this workshop
Are you sure I am not able to tempt you to join us.
My next Studio Day will be held at Tip Top Studios Birmingham Date: Saturday 18TH Jan Please visit this Casting Call for details

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