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Rearranging Image Sections

14 October 2011 19:39

I've been trying to do this for days wondering if it was just the computer I was using but it's done this on several now.

I can't rearrange the image section order. I basically just want to put "fashion & portraits" above "lingerie & glamour". I do this, hit save and it reverts to the previous and does nothing!

Help, thanks.

Laura McIntyre (née Ford) is off-line
14 October 2011 20:29
United Kingdom
West Lothian and Edinburgh

I used to get that all the time when I had a 'gothic + alt' category, from the moment I joined Purstorm 'til I gave up and moved all the pics and deleted the category (just a few months ago.) It always jumped to second place no matter how I tried to arrange things. It's not happened since with any of my other categories. All I could possibly suggest that worked for me is move all your images out of the offending category that won't behave into a different one momentarily, then try moving them back into it? Good luck, I'd be kicking my monitor if it was still happening to me.

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