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Studio lighting techniques up to art nude near Cambridge. M11 jct 10.

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Nic Marchant is off-lineSilver Member
10 October 2011 08:56
United Kingdom

My name is Nic Marchant (11640 I am a professional photographer and work at my studio in south Cambridgeshire which is called Blackbarn.

Over the next few months I am offering one day tuition courses in studio lighting.
The day will last 5 hours and mainly consist of practical tuition including your own photography with use of a professional model to show different aspects of lighting and to create different styles of shot which will be led by your personal preferences.

There will only be 3 people per session to maximize personal experience.

Cost will be £85.00 per person and the next session will run from 11.00 - 4.00 on 29th October.

Any questions please contact me.

Best wishes,

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