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07 October 2011 17:49
United Kingdom
fife based, but Scotland wide

looking for some feedback (maybe a mod can message me)

I have now twice made somewhat of a booking ( somewhat i hear you all say ???) so here it is as it transpired

made all the arrangements last week but she stopped contact until the day before the shoot where i tried to tie her down to a location/meet point and a time ?
she replied within the 18 hr rule (about 17 hrs before the shoot) saying she just had her hours for the week and had to work next day so could we re-arrange, to which i agreed, things happen right !!!
(was'nt sure if i could even leave negative feedback as i had not got a specific meet point  arranged although we did have the time set and the town of meeting!

Anyway i messaged her my availability for this week and we agreed for a shoot tomorrow (sat  at her request) in her village, again i tried all afternoon and tonight to tie her to a location as she couldnt come up with one so i googled a local meeting place in her village and sent her the details also calling her on her mobile and left a message and then texting her also.
she has not been on here since about 3pm buy She has just text me back now saying she is so tired can we do it again another time (so 14 hrs to shoot time) which i have of course said no -way to a third chance

so given the above info whats your face or not

Moderator Advice :
As inside the 18 hour guideline set by Matt it seems appropriate to leave
Late Cancellation feedback.
lets get shootin

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