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Loseing Weight??

Leah Elizabeth is off-line
28 September 2011 20:30
United Kingdom

Hello all!

Right let me get started,

I used to be a skinny, healthy size 8 and was very happy untill I decided to get the birth control implant as I was pretty crap at remembering my pill,
About a month after I had the implant put in I shot up to a size 10 with horrible wobbly bits
*But was very happy to have boobs*
So I got it taken out, They told me it would last in my system for a couple of months after I got it taken out ect

And about 5/6 months ago I had an ectopic pregnancy which left we having a life saving operation and with only 1 tube.

They told me I have to have barrier sex for couple of months,
Well a couple of months after that I had another ectopic pregnancy!
Was very small though so was able to have a drug injected into my body to get rid of it,
Since then I have gone up to a 12 and really want to lose the weight.

Could anyone help me with this one please?


29 September 2011 10:14

First stop would be to talk to your GP about this, and possibly get chatting to a nutritionist as I'd imagine there's some gnarly hormonal imbalances going on (how's your skin/hair?). Also at the age of 18 you body is still very much changing, so developing little wobbly bits isn't the end of the world.

You haven't mentioned if you're working out at all and what kind of working out you're doing.

Going down the generic route...A good mix of aerobic (cardio) work, like swimming or running (or..*shudder* zumba or spinning, any of those classes) and free-weight training (dumbbells or kettlebells, and NOT THE DINKY PINK ONES...) on a weekly cycle, plus a decent diet (cut out white carbs like potato, bread (yes even wholegrain), pastas and up your veggie/pulses instead) and drinking plenty of water is a very good start...
More than just Kibbles and Bits

Araneae is off-lineSilver Member
29 September 2011 18:39
United Kingdom

+1 with Tidal Kitten.

I'm so sorry to hear about those awful things happening.  I'm no doctor but it sounds a lot like your hormones are all over the place. Like TK said, see your GP about it. Nature may take its course and you might go back to your normal size, providing your diet and exercise routine hasn't changed much, but it is best to get your doctor's opinion.

Take care, and let us know how you get on.
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28 November 2011 19:20

i put on a lot of weight after coming off my pill, they advised just to take vitiamin tablets to balance everything out in my body, and water balance tablets you can get from tesco, seems to be working :]

08 December 2011 09:39

Hi..sounds like you have had both physical and mental trauma which will def influence your hormones and metabolism...

In the sense of contraception I have the coil fitted and this has been a god periods for 7yrs but I do occasionally get the feeling of the time of month ie: cravings, bloating and the gud old mood swings..but hey I wouldn't be a gud wife if i didn't shout scream and nag...

As for weightloss mine used to go between 10st7 upto 12st(when I was preggers)...after yrs of yo-yo diets i did discover appitite suppressers (natural ones from high street retailer) which have really helped me. I am now down to a size 10-11 depending where I shop and weigh 10st sumtimes it drops couple lbs or goes up depending on my partying/takeways..due to my weight training my weight won't drop much below 10st (was told it cos I am quite toned and muscle heavier the fat)...

I do train hard when I go to gym and I swap from lower body to upper body exercises so I am not standing around resting. I also try an do 2 5k runs on cross trainer a wk and bike work as well as all the lunges/squats and sit-ups..

You will get there if you stay focused but also as you age they say it harder to lose weight..I beg to differ on this cos I hav never been so toned etc since I was 18..!

Once you get into a routine of exercising it will help your body release feel gud hormones...
gud luck with it and also you pics look great so I wouldn't worry to much..xx

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