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27 September 2011 04:27

Hope this is possible !!

I have found a fantastic unique location for a photoshoot.
(for reasons, possibly eco or scientific a line of really large trees have had a white muslin stretched out to cover the area below the trees crown, and wrapped up around the trunks, It looked stunning with the sunlight rising and catching the dew on it earlier this morning)

I want to try and book a model, and possibly want to see if a TFP option is possible
It will help if i can post some imaged of the location into the message so as to inspire the model to see the oppurtunity.

I have searched the forum and cannot find any clues how i may do this.

I have uploaded the pics to my flikr account,
If somebody can give me a step by step way i can do this i would really appreciate it


ok I think just as i have completed this post i have actually answered my own question,

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