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20 September 2011 12:00
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I've just received an appointment reminder for a shoot I've set-up for tomorrow.

The only problem is, is that the box will not close.  I click on 'Dismiss' & I get a white box full of script.  I click 'OK' & the 'Dismiss' box is still there.

I closed Firefox & washed the history etc but on re-openning Firefox the 'Dismiss' box is still there.



EDIT:  It just disappeared after clicking 'OK'.  Phew, it blocked the 'Forum' & 'Inbox' buttons.  Not very helpful at all.

Any chance of an integrated reminder not dissimilar to the 'New message' alert we get for PMs?
Specialising in last minute bookings as I'm free most days after 11:00 am. If you have an indoor location, please send me a PM with your fee & location...

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