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Using real names on the internet - linking, how it works.

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06 September 2011 04:33
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Thought this may be usefull.

The first and most important thing in my opinion is NEVER,...EVER, use your real name for any modelling on the internet, whatever the level, whatever the style. If your real name is not out there, its unlikely to be used, and particularly don't use it on free access model sites like this! If you do any form of topless, nude or adult work...this is 10 times more important!

The second rule is do not think ANYTHING you do will remain anonymous, no matter what assumed name you use...if your real name is on the internet, on a model profile or anywhere else, it will be linked back if you have any popularity at me. It will also invariably be linked back to whatever name you use on Purestorm, Modelmayhem etc

The internet is all about linking, searches, popularity. One of the main boom areas appart from filesharers  is promotional sites, listing sites and fan search sites. Sites such as the Peachy Forum, Freeones, Nude EU, BGAFD etc specialise in linking all your work via the fans who are encouraged to post new links to your content. Some of these sites are quite obliging when it comes to removing any link to your real name (the Peachy Forums have a policy against the use of real name), others like BGAFD take great delight in linking to your real name if possible. 

In most cases, all these sites will link you to your Purestorm profile, so be aware of this and if you are using your real name.... well, obvious really.

If you have any popularity people will search for you, webmasters will exploit this...of course they will! The whole point is they want you seen or what is the point of buying your content?

Don't expect to get naked on the internet anonymously...that simply isn't the point, if you have been paid for a published shoot, the reason is that the publisher wants as many people as possible to see it, otherwise what would be the point of paying you?

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