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27 August 2011 11:44
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Quote from Vas
Tesco makes this cranberry powder stuff that you mix with water - they say you need a few doses but I've only ever needed one and it's totally gone if you catch it early.

I use the Superdrug one and every time I've needed the full course (three a day for two days).  It's the most horrible tasting stuff!  If they didn't put the fake cranberry flavouring in it to make it sweeter it'd be much more pleasant to drink >_<  It works though so I can't fault it too much, and it's a quick and easy thing too

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27 August 2011 12:41
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I model nude regularly, have done for years and I've never had a UTI or kidney infection in my life so I doubt it's anything to do with sitting on surfaces or catching germs, I'd say it probably more you are prone to them or are having the same infection recurring.
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27 August 2011 12:50

Always wash your modelling underwear - sounds silly as you are maybe only wearing it once in a while !
but maybe I am a clean freak !!! . Can't say I have ever had anything happen from modelling, maybe picked up the occasional cold from working with people.
I use wetwips for sofas chairs and me !! I always use hand gel stuff too !
It just might be that you might be prone to this infection, just like some people get headaches or toothache.
Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon x

27 August 2011 13:21

I have had UTIs or kidney infections from time to time in my life, though I have never associated them with nude modelling as such.
I have noticed that I'm much more likely to pick up a UTI from driving long distances (without going to the toilet) so if you are doing a lot of travelling to get to your shoots this may be a factor.
One other thing I've noticed is that for longer shoots when modelling nude, I tend to 'hold myself' in a certain way - usually to emphasize the rib-cage and give the figure better lines. Doing that for prolonged periods can make me feel quite sick if I am modelling for many hours, and sometimes make my 'kidneys ache' for lack of a better description.
I do know that some yoga poses are said to 'massage internal organs,' and I think there are some similarities between nude modelling and yoga! I suspect that holding your body in a certain position for prolonged periods (I'm talking eight hour shoots) can put additional pressure on your organs, particularly kidneys. I've definitely felt and noticed this after some shoots.
I think the hygiene issue isn't really relevant in nude modelling (if anything, you're likely to be more hygienic without wearing knickers all day long!) but there may be a reason you're experiencing more problems now than before such as the travelling.
Also, it's definitely a factor that the longer you 'hold on' when needing the loo, then the more likely you are to develop a UTI. If you're shooting for several hours without going to the toilet this might be a factor as well.
Best advice I can give is to take a 2 litre bottle of water to every shoot, and swig it in between sets, whenever you get changed or when the photographer is changing the lighting/setting etc. When you need the bathroom, GO! Don't hold on. It may be mildly embarrassing, but photographers should understand that a call of nature is a call of nature. Avoid tea and coffee, and if you are travelling long distances, make sure you stop often to rehydrate and nip to the loo!

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27 August 2011 18:02

United Kingdom

Don't use others toys, EVER. My advice would also be to not sit on tgem exactly, just perch yourself on your hips or push yourself up with your thighs so your not touching the surface xx

28 August 2011 13:15

Thanks everyone for the tips/advice. all of these i do and have anyway. how ever the only thing i wasn't doing is wiping down anything before i planked my ladybits on it.
like i said i am prob more prone to picking up bacteria never thought of wrapping myself up warm during breaks on shoots. something i will be doing more often

As for sharing toys. this is something i would never ever think of doing and i don't work with anyone else on shoots only solo on my own. lol. My toys are kept stored in a box and washed and cleaned before and after use And glass ones are put in the dish washer.

Thank you everyone.

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21 September 2011 20:27
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I have not read the whole somebody may have picked up on this before.. but im a ann summers rep also.. and for when your using your toys... probably good investment to get some buzz fresh wipes.. there the only wipes that will clean your toys properly without curoding the material x

22 September 2011 07:52

try cranberry tablets.they kill the bad bacteria.the juice is no good as its nearly always juice drink which is full of sugar.
if you have only recently started getting these infections, have you been to your gp or clinic to be screened?any boyfriend you have may be passing it back and forth to you without knowing.
And agree about the buzz fresh wipes.Try using smaller toys if you do use them also.
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22 September 2011 08:10

Hi all thanks fr replies, i have sorted the problem

 I have been fine since i started this post. normally things would flair up at least every two weeks

Yes i have been screened and my boyfriend too. At my doctors and the GU clinic if you go in and say you think they you have thrush infection they actually do a full screening now anyway.

As i get thrush alot  aswell as urine infection which then would lead to kidney infections. Basically it was a continuous cycle.  I Would get antibiotics for urine infection which lead to my thrush. Sometimes thrush would respond to certain treatment sometimes not. And When i had thrush my boyfriend and i would use condoms, but this would lead to the bacteria reaching into my bladder just because we were having sex when i have thrush.

What i have been doing and touch wood ive not had any since i  started the  forum post. Is eating more yogurts with priobotic and taking a vitamin drink containing  apriobotic. Ive cut out all chocolate and crap from my diet.

My toys are cleaned before and after always anyway. and i put condoms on them. And wash before and after sex all the time, and yes i pee after using toys, and after sex to flush out any bacteria that may have crept in. Iv always drank more water than anyone i know. so i now im very well hydrated.

But sometimes i do still think sitting open leg on chairs floors etc. where other models have been using there toys etc. if you not what i mean. leakage from  andmodels that the surface of the studio  and props that may never get cleaned. So anti bac wipes all the way now and i will keep doing what im doing. And i actually feel alot better.

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