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Seeking wedding gown!

24 August 2011 06:01

I have a bridal shoot in September and have been asked to provide the dress if possible. Funds are incredibly limited if I am honest and ideally looking to spend £20 or less...the charity shops are still too expensive if anyone has a bridal gown (or dress that could be pulled off as bridal) in a size 8/10 please get in touch.

Thank you very much.

Nicole x
looking for creative minds in the south west, message me if that sounds like you!

Melanie Lynn Robson is off-line
24 August 2011 06:36
United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi there,

I have one that I will sell for £30 including delivery (delivery will cost around £10 as it's big and voluminous)

Please PM me if interested and I'll sort you some pictures


Mel x

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