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burns on the body!

30 July 2011 10:18

i burnt myself on the arm with an iron yesterday and already it has puffed up and gone a horrible purple shade. can anyone offer me advise on how to prevent it from scarring?

thanks x
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Bob Henshaw is off-line
30 July 2011 10:54
United Kingdom

Keep it moisturised with aloe vera lotion and don't scratch it.

30 July 2011 11:25

It would have been worth seeing the GP's Nurse yesterday, but if you can get out today go to a large Boots or somewhere similar. You can get special impregnated dressings for burns that stop scarring forming.

I had quite bad hot water burns on my inner thigh a few years ago for which I was admitted to A&E and saw specialists from the burns ward. (Burnt badly enough that I couldn't feel the pain...) I took part in a trial for some new dressings that were going on the market, apparently they were impregnated with honey extracts or something and I had them changed by the Nurse every day for two weeks at my GP. I SHOULD have been left with deep purple scarring on most of my inner thigh, but there is nothing there unless you know exactly where to look for the outlines of the burn.

So get down to Boots before it closes and see what they recommend.

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