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Minimising the risk of scars?

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04 August 2011 15:06
United Kingdom
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Aloe Vera juice right from the plants and not only does it aid in fading the scar, it is extremely soothing.

Vitamin E Oil (You can buy the capsules and rub the oil directly on the scar)

Rose Hip Oil (This is touted as a great remedy for stretch mark scars)


Here's another remedy I found by doing a search:

 You can reduce a scar by mixing 3 drops of lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) with I teaspoon of a carrier oil like grape seed oil. Apply this mix to the scar in the morning and at night for about a month to help minimize its appearance.


I am not sure that you can get a quick solution from the natural remedies. There are products made specifically for scars that might work better such as "Mederma", "Scarfade", any type of product containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid, and laser removal treatments.

Hope this helps you.

I have had an 8" Hamhepatectomy scar since March, recently saw a coconut  remedy in chemists last week...cost £10.00 a pack....still debating whether to buy, as Photo shop does such a good job!!!


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